Overnight Desert Safari Tour Includes:

• Pick up by 4×4 wheels Drive from Abu Dhabi between 3:00 pm to 3.30 pm. (will vary according to climate changes)

• Drive through the desert along Abu Dhabi – Al Ain road to Al Khatem desert approx. 45 minutes drive from the city.

• Dune Bashing by 4×4 SUVs around 45 minutes

• Sun Set Photography

• Camel farm visit

• After reaching the Abu Dhabi desert camp, there will be camp activities like

• Camel riding

• Sand Boarding

• Henna Painting

• Shisha (Arabic Water pipe)

• Traditional Arabic costumes for photographs

• Falcon for taking picture

• Unlimited soft drinks, tea coffee and mineral water

• Buffet Dinner and B.B.Q.( Vegetarian and Non-Veg food available separate)

• Belly Dancing

• Overnight stay at Bedouin tent furnished with pillows and carpets, modern lighting and separate restroom facilities for men and women

• Sleeping bags and blankets

• Breakfast on following day

• Drop off at 9:00 am next morning

Whether you are looking towards the end of a long and exhausting business trip or looking to cool off some heat after a shopping trip, nothing is better than an exotic night in the desert to help you relieve your stress. Overnight Desert Safari trip starts around 3:00 pm when our vehicles pick you and up and ends at morning 9:00 when they drop you off in the city. In between is the experience filled with exotic and culture rich activities along with delicious food and exhilarating dune bashing.

What to Expect From Overnight Desert Safari?

Here is what you can expect from an Overnight Desert Safari:

Dune Bashing

A thrilling dune bashing ride of 45 minutes through the desert is how you will start your overnight desert safari. Not only does it sets the mood for what comes next, it is also an experience like no other. Only in a glorious and vast desert and you get away with driving 4×4 wheel drive so ruthlessly. Fasten your seatbelt, people for this is a ride to remember for life!

Sunset Photography

Capturing your special moments throughout the overnight desert safari experience increases the charm of your trip. On the way to campsite, you can expect several photo stops so that you can take back memories with you when the captivating and exotic night is over.

Sand Boarding

Have you ever been afraid of snowboarding because you are not trained enough for it? Sand boarding is the right choice for you. You can board on sand without fear of injuries as soft sand is there to catch you every time. This is one of the most popular activities of overnight desert safari.

Camel Trekking

Riding on the back of a running camel during the night time in a glorious desert sands such as Abu Dhabi is an experience of its own! Try it.

Bedouin Style Campsite

What better to bring you closer to the local culture than a Bedouin style camp with traditional carpets and cushions?

Scrumptious Dinner

An overnight desert safari is never complete without some delicious traditional and continental food. Our expert cooks make delicious treats for you to enjoy your night in a much better way. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are available along with unlimited mineral water and soft drinks.

Belly Dancing

You guessed right! Belly dancing is another way of honoring the traditions of the local culture. Our exotic and expert dancers will make your trip to the camp memorable. Belly dancing is a centuries old Arab tradition and you cannot have a complete desert vacation without seeing these enticing performers dance expertly to the rhythm of music.


A little shisha here and there does nothing but enhances the captivating allure of an exotic desert night. Shisha is also a traditional smoke of the land famous for its flavor and clamor.

Henna Painting

Are you a fan of henna painting? Great! Our experienced designers let you choose from a series of designs to make your experience even more charismatic.

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