Morning Desert Safari Tour Includes:

• Pick up by 4×4 WDs land cruiser in the morning

• Dune Bashing

• Camel Riding

• Sand Boarding

• Soft drinks and water

• Drop off

In today’s fast paced life, it is understandable if one doesn’t have much time to spare for fun activities. We get many customers who find it hard to time in the evening or dedicate a whole day to desert safari. Yet, it does not mean that they should be left out of experiencing the thrills of desert safari.

Morning Desert Safari brings you the experience of your life time with the whole trip lasting for four hours. This helps you experience the joys of desert safari without wasting much of your time. Besides, who wouldn’t love dune bashing and photography in the morning lights of desert?

What to Expect from Morning Desert Safari?

Since the time is short and there is a lot to do, you might not get to enjoy all the activities of full day desert safari. That doesn’t mean that you miss out on fun, no. You still get to do the following:

Dune Bashing

The heart of every desert safari: dune bashing. Join our expert drivers in an intense experience of dune bashing early morning, riding across the glorious desert. Experience the desert closely as our 4×4 wheel drives ride into the desert towards the campsite at a high speed.

Camel Riding

Again. Morning desert safari will be incomplete without camel riding. You cannot come to an Arabic desert for vacations and not ride camels. Our camels will show you the meaning of haste when they ride in the desert sands fiercely.

Sand Boarding

Sand boarding is one of the best things about desert safari. It is different than snowboarding because even newbies can do it without the fear of getting hurt. Even if you mess up and fall, you won’t get hurt because the soft sand will be there to catch you.

Quad Bike Ride

Ride the Quad Bikes available at the campsite on the hot sand of desert. The experience is one of its own as the Bikes run fast on the sand and have a good balance. Your morning desert safari will be incomplete without it.


Make your desert safari experience memorable by taking pictures throughout the trip. It will help you look back and remember the glorious desert of United Arab Emirates once you are back home from your vacations.


You don’t need to worry about refreshments and water as we understand how important it is to stay hydrated in a desert under the sun. This is why we provide unlimited mineral water bottles and soft drinks so you never go thirsty during your morning desert safari.

Please note that you have to be a group of at least four people if you want a whole vehicle to yourself for dune bashing. If not, you might have to share it with other tourists. However, if you are a smaller party and still want the whole vehicle to yourself, CONTACT US. Our team might be able to accommodate you to make your morning desert safari just how you like it.