Liwa Full Day Off-Road Adventure Includes:

• Pick up by 4×4 wheels Drive from Abu Dhabi between 8:30 – 9:00 am

• 9:15 am Visit Car Museum

• 10:30 am Visit Qasr Al Sarab Hotel

• 11:00 am Camel Farm

• Dune Bashing and then goes to Tal Moreeb

• 1:30 pm Liwa Oasis

• Visit the Fort

• Back to Abudhabi

Liwa Desert is located to the south-west of Abu Dhabi. It is more than 200 miles away from Abu Dhabi and is mostly barren desert lands save some oasis. The desert was known as Bu Fallah Desert in the past, being home to Bu Fallah tribe which is the largest tribe in the region.

In order to explore such an old and history-rich desert properly, you will need at least a day. Our expert guides have years of experience of wandering through the desert and know their way around it. The desert is certainly one of the most spectacular deserts in the world as the size of dunes in this desert is quite large. You will find that the real fun of dune bashing is when the dune are as big as they are in this area.

What to Expect from Liwa Full Day Off-Road Adventure?

Here is what you can expect from this adventure:

Dune Bashing

As mentioned before, some dunes in this desert are one of the highest in the world. Dune bashing on these dunes can be a real thrill. Apart from that, the desert is extraordinarily vast with nothing but sand in sight as far as sight goes but sand and glorious desert. This can make you feeling overwhelmingly alone in a good way.

Moreeb Sand Dune

Moreeb Sand Dune is the dune that you definitely need to see. The sand dune is three hundred kilometers high, making it one of the highest sand hills in the world. The dune has steep slopes and look glorious and breathtaking because of its beautiful golden color in the sweltering heat of the desert sun.

Visit to Car Museum and Qasr Al Sarab Hotel

While dune bashing in this region can be addicting there are other things that you must enjoy too. A visit to car museum and Qasr Al Sarab Hotel being a couple of them.

Visit to Camel Farm

Feel closer to the customs and traditions of the old life in deserts of Emirates by visiting the famous camel farms of Liwa. You will get to see the world famous camels of Arab that are known for their strength, height and speed.

Liwa Oasis

Liwa Oasis is another attraction for tourists that you must see at all costs. After dune bashing through desert and visiting the camel farm, the sight of date trees and fresh water pools can be much welcoming for your eyes. The Oasis is one of the biggest one in the country stretching for more than 180 kilometers. A delicious lunch will be waiting for you on Oasis before you further your journey.

Visit to Fort

Here you can visit the fort and understand how warfare worked in the older days where people needed to fortify themselves to evade the invaders. A touch of heritage is sure to make your trip better.

Please note that there are no camp activities like quad bike, camel ride, belly dancing etc in this tour because it is an off road adventure. We won’t be stopping at any camp.

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