Hatta Wadi Full Day Tour Includes:

• Pick up by 4×4 wheels Drive from Abu Dhabi between 8:30 – 9:00 am

• Dune bashing safari and Wadi in 4WD

• Visit Old Hatta Heritage Village

• Oldest Fort

• Swimming at the stream and waterfalls

• Quick Hatta city sight seeing

• Back to Abu Dhabi

Hatta is situated in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Situated in Hajar Mountains in a high region, it is an inland exclave of Dubai. Families from Abu Dhabi and Dubai come to Hatta Wadi to get away from the city and its fast paced life and find a reprieve in the mountains from both heat and life. Hatta Wadi provides a nice blend of both mountains and desert, promising a day filled with adventure and fun.

Our experienced drivers have years of experience of driving through the desert and mountainous regions both. In Hatta Wadi Full Day Tour you will be experiencing both. Apart from that, you will get to get close to the local Arabian heritage and while enjoying swimming in waterfalls and streams.

What to Expect From Hatta Wadi Full Day Tour?

During the tour, you will be seeing many sites while our guides explain to you the significance and history of each site. Here is what you can expect from Hatta Wadi Full Day Tour:

Dune Bashing

Upon leaving Abu Dhabi, we will pass from quite a bit of area from Desert. Because we will be in our 4×4 wheels drive, it will be a perfect opportunity to go Dune Bashing. Hang on to your seat belts because cruising through the sands of glorious desert of Abu Dhabi is as bumpy as it is thrilling. But don’t worry, our drivers are experts in dune bashing. You will have a time of your life in the ride.

Visiting Old Hatta Heritage Village

Hatta Heritage Village was restored and opened once again in the year 2001. The village has a rich history that goes back to more than two thousand years. While visiting the village, we will get a chance to discover the life as it was in the past for the people living in these mountains. A model of this life is presented for the visitors. Traditional weapons, architectures, food, scriptures, and illustrations are present here. Come closer to the local heritage by delving into the past.

Visit to Oldest Fort

After the visit to Heritage Village, we continue our Hatta Wadi Full Day Tour you will have a chance to understand the past warfare by visiting the oldest Hatta Fort. You can see how the people defended themselves by fortifying themselves to withstand the attack.


There are many streams and waterfalls in Hatta Wadi. Here, we will go swimming in them, diving into the while feeling the thrill of swimming in natural flowing water. This will help you leave the worries of city behind and enjoy the life once more.

Hatta Sight Seeing

In the end, we will go for a quick sightseeing tour of all of Hatta, exploring and finding out all there is to find out about the Wadi.

Back to Abu Dhabi

After all the cultural lessons and dip in the fresh waters of the beautiful landscape, we will make the tour back home with pictures and souvenirs to remember the trip by as our Hatta Wadi Full Day Tour comes to an end.

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