A Sneak-Peak into the Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

World has witnessed a major boom in the economical condition of United Arab Emirates within the last few decades. The transformation of land full of sand to the world’s modern states stunned everyone and UAE garnered appreciation, business partners, and huge number of tourists. But they never forgot the origins from where did they come from. Yes, the mighty deserts are the ones we are taking about. Rather they have turned their heritage into the places for entertainment and fun. Desert Safari Abu Dhabi is considered to be an epitome for thrilling and adventurous environment. This place is an amusement city with almost everything one could ever wish for. Abu Dhabi management lets different private companies to operate which resulted in increased competition. The competition brought favors for customers as every company made efforts to become the best, improved their services, introduced lucrative benefits, and came up with such packages which made desert safari Abu Dhabi in the access on everyone.

Adventurous Activities in Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi garners much appreciation from adventure lovers. It let them various opportunities to bring out their inner beast if they claim to be a ‘tough person’. Desert Safari Abu Dhabi tests your stamina at every point and meets you with hardships to check out the truthfulness of your claim. The land portrays the hardships of Bedouin life and let you experience that life a bit as well. Let’s check out the adventurous opportunities in Desert Safari Abu Dhabi that attract people from all over the world, irrespective of weather conditions.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is the reason of youngsters to visit Desert Safari Abu Dhabi. It gives you an experience which you will never forget throughout your life. An adventure you can boast on and proudly tell your friends about it. Special vehicles having light weight are used in dune bashing and it’s the toughest test of driving skills where you have to cross sand dunes one after another. It becomes very difficult if your jeep gets stuck in the sand as it keeps going on due to the softness of the sand. We advise you to hire an experienced driver and don’t put your life in risk if you don’t fall in the category of expert drivers. Desert Safari Abu Dhabi provides you skilled drivers you safely experience you dune bashing.

Skiing & Sand Boarding

Yes, you’ve read right. Get hell of fun from sand boarding and skiing experience on the sandy desert. We bet you will enjoy it more than snowboarding. Sand dunes of Desert Safari Abu Dhabi have different heights and one can pick a height for ski and sand boarding according to his convenience. The best part of sand boarding is ‘free from injury’ as you will not hurt even you fall thousand times on the sand.

Fat Bike Ride

Fat bike ride is a fascinating experience in Desert Safari Abu Dhabi. Instead of choosing a lavish car, opt fat bike ride and experience the real hardships of desert land. Tourists make groups and cooperate like a team to reach their destination on fat bike. The feel of achievement and confidence on your skills are unparalleled perks you get at the end of the expedition.

Types of Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi offers thrilling packages which attract more and more tourists. These packages amazingly fulfill your quest of exploring the knitty-gritty Arab Culture and getting hell of fun within your budget limit and without affecting your comfort.

Morning Desert Safari

Explore stretched sandy dunes in the barren land of sand which are spread as far as the eye can see in the morning. Mesmerizing view of sunset, unhooking of camps, and the rising sound of Fajar call make an outstanding combination that one can never forget ever. Time duration of morning desert safari is maximum four hours that makes it perfect for people who come on short visit. Here are the perks of morning desert safari.

  • Quad bike ride and camel trekking
  • Sand bashing for forty minutes
  • Sand boarding
  • Pick and drop service

Evening Desert Safari

Evening desert safari is one of the most sought after deal of Desert Safari Abu Dhabi due to the included benefits. Eye-startling views and perfect timing make it a perfect joyride. Thirty people can make a group while the charges gets down if the number of people exceeds from thirty. The exciting package includes following benefits:

  • Sand boarding, dune bashing, and hot air balloon flight
  • Beautiful view of sun set
  • Barbeque, alcohol, and sheesha
  • Belly dance and traditional music

Overnight Desert Safari

It’s the complete package that includes entertainment, adventure, food, and comfort. Overnight desert Safari is the luxurious package of Desert Safari Abu Dhabi. Sleep beneath the sky abound of twinkling stars and walk on the cool sand. It includes all benefits of previously described types as well as lets you experience the real Bedouin life.

  • Delicious food and traditional drinks
  • Camping facilities
  • Music and dance
  • Hotel pick and drop

Nearby Worth-seeing Places

The entertainment of Desert Safari Abu Dhabi isn’t limited to the above mentioned perks as many historic, traditional, and worth seeing places are situated near it. You can reach there in a very short time and make your visit awesome.

  • Al Ain City is located near Desert Safari Abu Dhabi where you can see Al Ain Palace museum, Al Ain Oasis, and camel market.
  • Visit Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque which is at 20-minute drive from airport.
  • Heritage village that portrays the local culture is the best possible way.
  • Marina Mall one of the biggest shopping malls in Abu Dhabi.
  • Ferrari park comes in the way of Desert Safari Abu Dhabi that is heaven for Ferrari lovers.


Utilizing the time of vacations and business tours in the perfect way is the desire of everyone and Desert Safari Abu Dhabi offers valuable packages which give you hell of fun. Experience an entirely new environment and instill skills of sustenance to boost your personality aspects. Enjoy and observe a new culture and take precious memories with you.