Al Ain City Tour Tour Includes:

• Pick up & drop off

• Visit to Green Mubazzarah

• Jebel Hafeet

• Central/Camel Market

• Visit to Al Ain Palace Museum

• National Museum

• Al Ain Oasis

Short History of the City

Al-Ain city is located around 160 km from Abu Dhabi. It is the host to the largest oasis in the region and has the distinction of being one of the oldest permanent settlements of the world. The city has also been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Al Ain City has the honor of being home to Sheikh Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of Abu Dhabi. The city is a perfect blend of both the city life and a touch of greenery, hosting the largest oasis in the region. It has beautiful boulevards and wide parks, adding to the beauty of the city. They city is also known as “The Garden City”, housing several archaeological, historical, and agricultural sites.

What to Expect From the City Tour?

The exciting and culturally enriched tour to the second largest city in the Abu Dhabi Emirate can be expected to attract locals and tourists alike, giving a chance for the visitors to learn more about the history and heritage of the locale.

Here is what you can expect from Al Ain City Tour:

Visit to Museums and Other Cultural Places

Visits of museums and other cultural places is integral to the full experience of Al Ain City Tour, giving a chance to explore the local culture and heritage.

Al Ain Palace Museum

The museum belonged to the late founder of United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. It was built in 1937 and became a museum in 2001. The museum lets the visitors peek into the life of the great ruler of the Emirates by providing a unique collection of material and personal belongings of the ruling family, including tours to gardens once occupied and to the private chambers of different members of the family and the founding father himself.

Al Qattara Arts Center

The city currently has various museums and arts centers, Al Qattara Fort being one such museum, offering a number of workshops including calligraphy, music, painting, and pottery. It also offers modern exhibits, a few hundred in numbers.

Al Ain National Museum

Al Ain National Museum is one of the most popular sites of Al-Ain City among the tourists. There are three main sections of the museum including Ethnography, Gifts, and Archaeology. With its unique collection of weapons, musical instruments, traditional majlis, and Bedouin jewelry, the museum accurately depicts the life and heritage of UAE.

Jebel Hafeet

Your Al Ain City Tour will be incomplete if you didn’t climb the 1240 meters high Jebel Hafeet, the landmart rocky height of the city. You can climb the height with the help of a cab, your own drive, or on a bicycle if you have the stamina and adventurous soul for it. Jebel Hafeet has the distinction of being second highest peak of UAE while being the highest one of Abu Dhabi Emirate.

Al Ain Oasis and Camel Market

In the other main attractions of Al Ain City are Al Ain Oasis and Camel Market. The Al Ain Oasis is the perfect spot to relax and look at the wondrous falaj irrigation system that has been in place since the last three thousand years. The Camel Market of Al Ain City is one of the few surviving ones.

Al Ain Zoo

A perfect place for families to visit with over four thousand animals and wide space for picnic. Your day will be made by one visit to the zoo.

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