Abu Dhabi Desert Safari – A Perfect Place for Everyone

Out of many audacious and breathtaking trips, Abu Dhabi Desert Safari tops it all. The land of oil-rich people witnessed a magnificent revolution in their tourism industry when they shifted the investment trend from impressive architecture to mighty deserts. I will be unjust to not endorse the government of United Arab Emirates that doesn’t accepted a slight negligence in tourism plans and drafted such rules which welcomes everyone without discriminating caste, creed, age, religion and nationality. Deep concerns of the government flourished tourism industry and took at a point where nobody resisted from praising it.  Abu Dhabi Desert Safari has entertainment for everyone and here we are going to pen down the perks of different groups can get from it.

Exciting Activities for Youngsters

The place that fails in providing thrilling activities comes in the bad books of youngsters. The warm blood keeps restless to prove its potential and always urges them to do something extraordinary. Abu Dhabi Desert Safari provides adventure opportunities beyond their expectations and one has to be bizarrely courageous to prove their metal in the stretched land of desert. Here are some major attractions for adventure lovers.


The amazing experience lets you explore sandy desert on board. Get benefit of sand dunes having different heights and enjoy an injury free ride. Strap on your sand boards and conquer the red sand slopes to get lifetime memories.
Sand Bashing: Get ready for an exhilarating experience that will ruthlessly test your driving skills and physical stamina. Sashay down the seemingly endless sand dunes and satisfy your inner adventurous soul. Sand bashing in Abu Dhabi Desert Safari will realize you what a real adventure is like.

Quad Bike Ride

Quad bike ride takes on a whole new meaning on Abu Dhabi Desert Safari. Being adventure lover isn’t enough to get this experience and it demands immense courage and strong heart. Don’t forget wearing helmet as the thrilling sport comes up with huge dangers.

Kids ‘Attractions in Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari solves the problem of mothers who always complain about the insufficient entertainment facilities for kids. They can equally enjoy with elders and relax their minds from the hectic academic tenure. Mothers can also take a sigh as they don’t have to stick with children and enjoy trip without any irritating question.

  • Wildlife in Abu Dhabi Desert Safari brings smile on the faces on kids and they keenly observe Oryx, sand gazelle, spiny tailed lizard, and Arabian leopard.
  • Falcon hospital lets the kids see the precious bird from closely and they can also learn about its types and life cycle.
  • Running jeeps and camel trekking appeal kids a lot and they will surely enjoy camel ride.
  • Ferrari World provides unbeatable entertainment because of its G-force, Grand Prix, Fiorano GT Challenge, and flume ride.
  • Little tummies will love to get filled with delicious local food and scrumptious Italian food

The charm and charisma of Abu Dhabi Desert Safari has spread far and wide. Recently, companies have started offering several deals and packages for the newly-weds love birds to come and enjoy. Many couples may think of it as a place where teenagers and day-wanderers come to enjoy as per their age-groups and such an environment may not be suitable for the wedded couples to visit. Behold, as your hosts in Abu Dhabi have arranged for such private packages which you won’t be able to resist.

Musical Night

Imagine a place where there is a separate place with a giant umbrella overhead, a table decorated with two wine glasses and candles underneath, a cup-bearer standing right at your disposal and slow romantic music whose tunes are adding much into the valor of the whole environment. It’s time to turn your imagination into reality as companies are offering this setup under separate deals especially designed for couples.


You are allowed to take your own cameras with you and if you want your honey-moon photos to remain alive and colorful, you can ask for the services of a photographer who will capture every moment you are sharing with your spice. Even the random clicks will add more life into the moments you want to cherish in future.

Non Muslims

Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates and holds a special place in business world. The flexible rules of the state welcomes everyone and don’t discriminate between Muslims and non Muslims. Unlike many other Arab countries, Abu Dhabi gives remarkable liberty in dress code. Tourists can wear what they want in Abu Dhabi Desert Safari and enjoy their tour according to their own wish. Beverage and drinking are allowed in Abu Dhabi Desert Safari while they can dance, enjoy music, and practice their culture and religion without facing any trouble. However, they face some restrictions regarding dress code when they want to visit mosques or religious places.

People from Cold Regions

It’s a myth about Abu Dhabi that it’s not a place for people belong to cold regions. It’s not true at all. The place is equally good for people from every region as Abu Dhabi Desert Safari offers different safaris types. People from cold region should follow below-mentioned tips.

  • Visit Abu Dhabi Desert Safari during December to February.
  • Always choose overnight desert safari as the temperature significantly falls down at night.
  • Take adequate amount of water an hire air conditioned vehicles.
  • Wear light clothes like shorts and t-shirt

Old People

It’s absolutely wrong that old people can’t visit Abu Dhabi. There is no truth in it as it determines your health whether you can visit Abu Dhabi Desert Safari or not. People who are enjoying sound health and have no disease can easily get the perks of desert sports. Indeed, cool sand is beneficial for their health and refreshes their mind.


Abu Dhabi Desert Safari is a place to rejoice and to reinvent yourself from the inside. This is a universally acknowledged fun place where every person ranging from any sect, caste, creed and religion can come and enjoy. There is no restriction for anyone. The hosts in Abu Dhabi are spreading peace and harmony and this is what the inhabitants of the world need.