Abu Dhabi City Tour Includes:

• Sheikh Zayed Mosque (Grand Mosque)

• Emirates Palace Hotel (Outside view only)

• Heritage Village

• Dates Market

• Corniche

• Saadiyat Island

• Yas Island

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the union of seven Emirates known as United Arab Emirates. This union was established in the year 1971, being one of the most successful unions to date. Abu Dhabi, having been selected as the capital of the country, has been thriving since then. The development and infrastructure of Abu Dhabi is a sight to see along with its rich culture and heritage that adds to its charm.

What to Expect From Abu Dhabi City Tour?

Abu Dhabi provides you with a nice blend of culture, heritage, and modern life. During your Abu Dhabi City Tour, while you might see grand structures, five star hotels, and sky rocketing buildings, you will also see culture in dresses, museums, certain infrastructures, and proud traditions of desert. Here is what to expect from your Abu Dhabi City Tour.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque (Grand Mosque)

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is hands down the most impressive Islamic architectural structure of United Arab Emirates. There is a grand Islamic library located in the mosque which publishes regular publications on various religious subjects, apart from holding classic books for serving the community. Proper dress code is expected from our respected guest. No see through clothes, swimming costumes, shorts, sleeveless shirts, etc. are allowed inside the mosque.

Emirates Palace Hotel (Outside view only)

You will only get to see the outside view of this grand hotel. This hotel showcases Arabian culture while being situated on a private beach. The hotel is famous for its structure and grandeur. It can be considered as one of the finest hotels of Abu Dhabi, describes itself as going beyond five stars based on how luxurious they claim their environment to be.

Heritage Village

In order to peek into the past of Abu Dhabi Emirate, Heritage Village provides glimpses of its past culture and traditions. The village embodies the original desert lifestyle with symbolic cultural items such as tent made up of goat’s hair, coffee pots, campfire, falaj irrigation system, etc. Other cultural attractions such as metal work, pottery making, handmade soap, herbs of all kind are sold here.

Dates Market

The famous date market will be one of our stops where we will buy the world famous dates of Arab of all kind. The most delicious dates of the region, and maybe world, are available here.


Abu Dhabi has Corniche in the form of curve situation along the western coast of Main Island of the Emirate. There are various parks, fountains, and pathways for cycling all along the Corniche. Marina Mall and Emirates Palace Hotel can be accessed through Corniche. An Abu Dhabi City Tour would be incomplete without seeing the whole Corniche.

Saadiyat Island

This tour also includes a visit to Saadiyat Island which is located 500 meters from Abu Dhabi coast. This island has been built in order to give an experience ridden with culture and natural beauty to the tourists.

Yas Island

Yas Island is Abu Dhabi’s very own man-made island with lots of tourist attractions and activities available to make your time memorable.

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